Kathleen Hyndman Artist


Kathleen Hyndman’s work is an exploration of arithmetical sequences and geometry as a means of distributing motifs, shapes, colours.

Golden Section proportions and angles, prime numbers, Fibonacci numbers and eccentric constructions are used.

Subjective choices are made as to which variety or conjunction of constructive ideas, and which colours, are used to parallel the initial visual perception.

One idea can produce a series of work. Interrelations within the work and to the whole aimed at achieving a calm balanced unity. So each work has a visual message only. It aims to be a visual version of “truth”; an attempt to make no false move – so colour, tone value, shape all belong together.

Kathleen Hyndman Website

Colin has recently designed a website for me.  We co-operated throughout the process and always arrived at a satisfactory result incorporating Colin’s excellent ideas. He was always available for any questions I needed to ask and swiftly resolved any problems I had.  

It was a pleasure to work with him and his ideas and suggestions, both technical and organisational, were always intelligent and practical.  I would, of course, recommend his website expertise to anyone.

Kathleen Hyndman